Automatic Focus Flying Laser Marking Machine

Automatic Positioning Flying Laser Marking Machine with Conveyer Belt

The flying online laser marking machine with conveyor belt integrates an automatic positioning and focusing system. The conveyor belt system allows for a continuous, automated marking process. The conveyor ensures a smooth and consistent flow of items through the marking area, making it suitable for high-volume production lines.

Automated Conveyor Flying Laser Marking Machine

The online flying laser engraving machine with conveyor can be equipped with 30W fiber, CO2, and UV laser sources. The conveyor system can feed automatically(auto-load). This design allows the machine to continuously etch multiple workpieces at online flying mode. It is the ideal choice for industrial mass production. The Flying Laser marking machine with conveyor supports customization and can provide you with maximum productivity.

Automatic Focus System: An automatic focusing system can be employed to ensure that the laser beam remains focused on the surface of moving objects, even if these surfaces have varying heights or contours.

Vision Positioning System (Optional): The flying laser marking machine can be equipped with an optional vision system, which allows for precise alignment and identification of objects to locate the positions that need to be engraved, ensuring accurate and consistent marking.

Conveyor System: The conveyor belt is an integral part of the machine, as it transports the products or workpieces through the marking area at a controlled speed.

Applications of Flying Online Laser Marker:

Automatic CO2 fiber UV fly laser markers suitable for precision and fine logo printing on electronic products and components, auto parts, hardware tool products, precision instruments, food and beverage packaging, glasses, medical equipment, medal & craft gift making etc.

  • Product Traceability: These machines are commonly used in industries like automotive, electronics, machine part to mark serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, and other identification information on parts and products for traceability and quality control.
  • Packaging: Flying laser markers are used to mark packaging materials like cartons, labels, and foils with logos, expiration dates, batch numbers, and other product information.
  • Cutting and Engraving: In addition to marking, some flying systems are equipped with the capability to cut and engrave materials like plastics, metals, and wood.

Automatic focus flying laser marking system is typically used in industries such as electronics, e-cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, and food packaging, where high-speed and continuous marking on products or components is required. These machines offer advantages such as increased production efficiency, reduced downtime, and the ability to achieve precise and permanent marking on a variety of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and more.


Technical Parameters

Model specificationsPM-UV-3-GL-01PM-UV-3-YN-01PM-UV-5-GL-01PM-UV-5-NY-01
Central wavelength355nm355nm355nm355nm
Laser power>3W>3W>5W>5W
Repeat frequency20-100KHz30-150KHz20-100KHz30-150KHz
Beam qualityM2<1.5M2<1.5M2<1.5M2<1.5
Pulse Width<20ns<15ns<20ns<15ns
Spot diameter~0.45mm~0.5mm~0.45mm~0.5mm
Security LevelClass IVClass IVClass IVClass IV
Mark speed≤15000mm. The actual marking speed depends on the material.
Repeat accuracy±0.001mm
Minimum characters0.12mm
Minimum mark line width≤0.01mm
Mark range110x110mm (optional 70mm/150mm/180mm/220mm)
Cooling methodWater cooling
System protection levelIP54
Operating environment requirementsAmbient temperature 15-35℃, relative humidity 30%≤RH≤85%, no oil mist, no condensation
Power requirementsAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5Amp
Machine power consumption<1.6KW
Total WeightAbout 120~130kg (excluding packaging)
Overall dimensions mm (length*width*height)600*600*1600(size for reference)

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