Auto Focus Fiber Laser Marking Machine

30W Fiber Laser Engraving Marking Machine Auto Focus

Fiber laser engraver can make permanent marks and engravings on various metal like gold, silver, aluminum, stainless steel, steel alloy, brass, copper,etc. Also some of nonmetal such as nylon, light button, ABS, PVC, PES,etc.

Auto Focus 20W 30W Fiber Laser Engraver Laser Marking Machine

Auto focus fiber laser marking machine is a type of automatic laser marking system used for engraving, marking, and etching various materials with precision and accuracy. It utilizes a fiber laser source to create high-intensity laser beams that can be focused to produce fine details on the surface of different materials and it offers efficiency, precision, and the ability to work with different materials, making it a valuable device for many businesses.

Fiber Laser Marking Machines with Auto Focus for Metal:
– Stable laser power output, excellent beam quality.
– Fast marking speed, 2-3 times faster than traditional YAG machines.
– No limitations from any operating systems, easy operation, fully enclosed optical path for stability and reliability, maintenance-free.
– Extremely long lifespan, exceeding 100,000 hours.
– No pollution, no noise, no consumables. Power consumption is 5% to 10% of traditional models.
– Overcomes the weaknesses of laser damage to high-reflective materials, capable of marking on all metals and most non-metal materials.
– Ultra-high precision, with a resolution of up to 2540 dpi.

Software Functions:
– User-friendly operation, excellent equipment stability. Specialized control software is compatible with various software outputs such as AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, etc.
– Capable of importing various file formats like BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI, etc.
– Automatically generates various serial numbers, production dates, one-dimensional barcodes, and QR codes.
– Supports on-the-fly marking and rotary marking.

Product Details:


MAXPHOTONICS’ laser systems include the Sound-to-Light Q-switched pulse fiber laser, which is based on a Q-switched master oscillator and high-power fiber amplifier (MOPA) configuration. It offers various power models ranging from 5W to 70W, with a peak power of up to 7kW. Output is achieved through an isolator, and operational parameters can be configured via a 25-pin control interface, allowing for seamless integration into user equipment. These lasers are suitable for industrial and research applications and are capable of meeting the requirements for marking, etching, deep engraving, surface cleaning, high-precision thin sheet cutting, drilling, and more on most plastics and all types of metal materials.

Scanning galvanometer ScanQuick3 λ=1064nm digital galvanometer

  • M series high-speed scanning galvanometer can carry 10mm spot reflector lens, the maximum incident spot diameter is 10mm, applied to optical scanning, laser marking, drilling, micromachining, medical industrial industry.
  • The optical scanning system has the characteristics of fast speed, low drift, high positional accuracy and reliable and stable operation, and its comprehensive performance has reached the leading level in China, which is mainly applicable to high-speed and online flight marking of fiber, YAG and other lasers.
  • It supports XY2-100 international common protocol.
Lens λ = 1064nm

F-theta scanning lens is also known as field lens, flat field focusing lens or linear lens, its image is higher than the focal length multiplied by the scanning angle (y=f *θ). Distinguished from the general focusing mirror will focus the spot in one point, scanning lens is the laser beam dispersed to the scanning area or multiple points on the workpiece, the laser beam in the entire marking plane to form a uniform size of the focused spot.

Control software Ezcad

  • Software kernel: 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • Laser support: hold CO2, YAG, FIBER, etc., according to different laser parameters can be realized by the software to adjust the current, adjust the pulse frequency, adjust the duty cycle and other parameters
  • IO control: increase the port control function, can make the machine easy to realize automation (only one input port, two output ports.)
  • Multi-language support: Built-in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, French, German, can be translated by yourself according to the language package, easy localization.

  • The industrial computer chassis is made of steel structure with high anti-magnetic, dustproof and shockproof ability. The chassis has a specialized baseboard with PCl and ISA slots. There is a specialized power supply in the chassis, and the power supply has a high anti-interference capability.
  • WINDOWS 32/64 operating system.
  • Processor: Intel(R)Core(TM)i3-2120CPU@3.30GHz 3.30GHz
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 8.00GB (7.89GB available)
  • Hard Disk:120G
Computer Display

  • HKC21.5″ V2210
  • 178 Viewing Angle+No Flicker+Low Power Consumption≤0.5W
  • Resolution/Refresh Rate:1920*1080/60Hz
  • Dot Pitch:0.248mm
  • Display Color:16.7M
  • Brightness:220cd/m²
  • Contrast Ratio(DCR):20000000:1


Auto focus fiber laser engraving machine  is widely used for graphic and text marking in various industries, including integrated circuit chips, molds, microelectronics, computer components, industrial bearings, watches, electronic and communication products, aerospace components, various automotive parts, household appliances, hardware tools, molds, wires and cables, food packaging, jewelry, medical equipment, tobacco, and military applications. It is suitable for high-volume production line operations.

auto focus fiber laser marking machine samples

Technical Parameters

Laser characteristicsCenter Wavelength1064nm1064nm
Laser Power20W30W
Repetition Frequency27-60KHz30-60KHz
Beam QualityM2<1.5M2<1.5
Pulse Width80~120ns80~120ns
Spot Diameter7±1mm7±1mm
Safety LevelClass IVClass IV
Marking parametersMarking Speed≤15000mm The actual marking speed depends on the material
Minimum Character0.15mm0.15mm
Minimum Marking Line Width32um32um
Marking Range110x110mm (optional 70mm/150mm/180mm/220mm)
Other parametersCooling Methodair coolingair cooling
System Protection ClassIP54IP54
Operating Environment RequirementsAmbient temperature 10-35 ℃, relative humidity 30% ≤ RH ≤ 85%, no oil mist, no condensation
Power RequirementAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5AmpAC220V±5%,50HZ/60HZ,5Amp
Power Consumption<0.6KW<0.6KW
WeightApprox. 80~85kg (excluding packaging)
Overall Dimension(LxWxH mm)650x800x1420 (dimensions for reference)


Device NameSpecificationNumber of units
Optical systemsLaserMAX 20 Watt X-Series MAXPHOTONICS1
Scanning MirrorScanQuick3 λ=1064nm digital galvanometer1
Lens150*150mm wavelength focusing lens1
Control systemsControl SoftwareDPEzCAD/ DaPengLaser1
ComputerIndustrial Control I3/21.5″ Liquid Display1
Mechanical systemsControl CabinetDP-FB reinforced support sheet metal cabinet 800*650 (standard with LED lighting device)1
Lifting mechanism130 type elevation, stroke S=550mm, manual focusing1


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