Affordable Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine – DP6016MZ

This is an cheap laser cutter for pipe cost-effective, easy to maintain and easy to operate. It can process most metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and so on. This tube laser cutter is CE certified and very safe to use. It can process round, square and similar metal pipes, such as water pipes, exhaust pipes, sports equipment, bicycle parts, construction materials, etc. The size and power can be customized according to the processing requirements.

Industrial CNC Laser Cutting System for Metal Tube

Affordable laser tube cutting machine is an affordable, practical, and versatile tube laser cutter machine. The most productive laser solution for your metalworking. Square and round tube, range min. ∅10 – max.∅ 160mm.


  1. Utilizing high-precision gears, racks, and linear guides imported for smooth transmission and high accuracy, the fiber laser tube cutting machine ensures stable operation and prolonged lifespan of transmission components through laser interferometry.
  2. Adopting a U-shaped beam structure, the bed features a welded construction with a combination of integral square tubes and plates. Subjected to 600°C high-temperature heat treatment and 24-hour furnace cooling, followed by rough processing, vibration aging treatment eliminates welding and processing stress. The 12-meter gantry is milled for semi-rough and fine processing, resulting in excellent rigidity, high accuracy, resistance to bending and twisting torque, and permanent deformation-free use. The Z-axis is constructed from integral cast aluminum, providing lightweight characteristics and rapid dynamic response, ideal for high-speed machining and acceleration.
  3. All axes (X, Y, Z, W1, W2) are equipped with domestically produced high-performance servo motors, ensuring high precision, high speed, large torque, and stable performance. This guarantees the machine’s structural stability, good rigidity, lightweight design, and high dynamic response.
  4. Both front and rear chucks employ a four-jaw pneumatic clamping structure for securing pipes. The symmetrical movement of the chucks ensures automatic centering without the need for manual intervention. A pressure regulating valve is installed for convenient adjustment of air pressure.
  5. The semi-automatic feeding mechanism supports pipe diameters ranging from Ø20mm to Ø160mm. Pipes are manually arranged with a maximum weight capacity of ≤800kg, loading length of ≤6000mm, and individual pipe weight of ≤200kg. After the detected pipe is in place, the lifting and dividing device feeds the pipe to the front feeding robotic arm. Upon reaching the designated position, the front end of the feeding robotic arm retracts, clamping the pipe, allowing it to slide to the center of the cutting machine. An auxiliary support rises, clamping the positioned pipe, and the feeding robotic arm returns to its original position. At this point, the rear chuck moves forward to clamp the pipe, and the cutting program is initiated.
  6. Employing the FSCUT3000 CNC system based on the Windows operating system, the dedicated BaiChu fiber laser tube cutting machine integrates numerous specialized laser cutting control modules, ensuring powerful functionality and user-friendly interface for simple operation.
  7. The FSCUT3000 Expert Edition nesting software is essential for achieving “continuous cutting, efficient cutting, and high nesting rate cutting” on the CNC cutting machine. This software significantly saves materials and enhances cutting efficiency.
  8. The cutting head offers the option of internationally renowned Wan Shun Xing company’s fiber laser-specific cutting head and capacitive sensing, ensuring high precision, responsive performance, and stable reliability.

semi-automatic loading machine standard type


Front Clamp RKQ160 Back Clamp RKH160
Single Claw Stroke 80 Single Claw Stroke 10-160
Single Claw Thrust 80 Single Claw Thrust 136-612
Clamping Range 0-160 Clamping Range ≤0.1
Rated Speed (r/min) 150 Rated Speed (r/min) 150

affordable laser tube cutting machine chuck

Laser Cutting System Software

  1. FSCUT3000 is a control system developed for tube processing, supporting high-precision and efficient cutting of various materials such as square tubes, round tubes, raceway shapes, ellipses, as well as angle steel and channel steel.
  2. In terms of special steel alignment, the software supports the alignment of various special steels such as L steel, channel steel, and I-beams, improving the cutting accuracy of special steels.
  3. The Pipe Surface Profile Correction feature effectively compensates for systematic cutting deviations in stable pipe surfaces, reducing the precision requirements for raw materials and minimizing waste.
  4. The Single-Side Alignment function effectively addresses the accuracy issues of pipe hole positions, improving the precision of hole positions near the edges. One-click alignment of the pipe head using the cutting head reduces manual alignment time and minimizes front-end waste.
  5. The Start and Stop Cutting Processes address issues such as excessive power burning to the opposite side at the cutting starting point and the potential for leaving small tails when cutting thin pipes.
  6. For processing the end of pipes, the software can control the loosening of the center chuck, increasing the Y-axis travel distance and cutting capacity, effectively reducing waste from both chucks.


This metal tube fiber laser cutting system  is widely used to cut various metal pipes and tubes for complex metal parts, prototypes and custom parts in a cost-effective and economical laser cutting capabilities. It is widely used to cut various pipes and tubes, for example, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum, etc.


Technical Parameters

Model DP6016MZ
Laser Source MAX 3000W
Machining range Square & Round 10-160mm
X-axis travel 6200mm
Y-axis travel 300mm
Z-axis travel 200mm
W1W2 axis travel Infinite rotation
XY axis maximum speed 100m/min
W1W2 maximum speed 150rpm
X/Y axis positioning accuracy 0.02mm/m
X/Y axis repeatability ±0.02mm
Maximum acceleration 1.2G
Maximum load 200kg
Machine weight Approx. 2700kg (subject to physical condition)
CNC system FSCUT
Number of phases 3
Frequency 50HZ
Rated voltage of power supply 380V
Total power supply protection grade IP54

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