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How to Use Laser Machine for iPhone Back Glass Removal?

Replacement or repair the back glass of an iPhone required intricate manual work and posed the risk of damaging the device. Fortunately, with the laser marking machine, the task of iPhone back glass removal has become more efficient and safer than ever before. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive overview of iPhone back glass laser removal machine. Whether you’re a repair professional or a DIY enthusiast, read on to discover the steps involved and the professional expertise in utilizing laser machine for iPhone back glass repair and frame remove.

There is a question at reddit: “Who’s actually using a laser machine for iPhone back glass? Is it easy? Do you have to take the logic board out?”

Somebody said “I think it is worthy. Much more efficient to remove a back glass than the traditional way. If you are concern about the smell, we also offer fume extractors, and you will get a shield box for free if you buy a laser machine with a fume extractor. It will be much helpful.”

But some people also say “It’s not nearly as quick as the videos show. Takes around 20 mins per laser run, 2 passes of the laser, and 20~30 mins cleaning the frames. You still have to cut glue off manually along the edges after you remove the glass.”

Of course, as a new technology, it needs more development to better serve the manufacturing industry.

Part 1: Why Use Laser Marking Machine for Screen Separating

Laser machine for screen removal is to melt the glue on the middle frame by penetrating the glass cover of the screen with laser to achieve the effect of decoupling. Its high efficiency screen removal is a good solution to the pain point of mobile phone screen repair. Laser screen removal machine is contactless, objects do not deform, high precision removing screen, high security, low maintenance costs, high processing efficiency, fast and wide applicability characteristics.

The screen frame are seamlessly bonded with waterproof adhesive and LCD screen, which leads to the difficulty of separating the LCD screen. The principle of the laser machine for LCD screen repair is to use the laser to penetrate the screen glass cover and melt the glue on the screen frame. It can be said that there is almost no risk as long as the laser is not hit on the cable or LCD IC.

Laser screen remover is modified from laser marking machine, so you can use the laser beam to create permanent marks on various different material surfaces, so the iPhone back glass removal laser machine can also be used for marking, engraving personalized patterns, logo and text on the cover and mobile, whether it is a wooden, metal or plastic. These laser marker can mark glass gifts, such as key chains, glass trophies, and glasses.

Part 2: Q&A about iPhone Back Glass Removal and Engraving Machine

Q 1: Can the iPhone back glass laser remover be used for other mobile phones other than the iPhone?

A: Laser machines for removing the back glass panels of other phone models as well. The key point is that it is necessary to program and input the drawings all screen parameters of the mobile phone model. Most phone screens with frames are relatively easier to dismantle, and with a single pass of the laser, they can be detached successfully. The more challenging models to disassemble are the ones from iPhone 8 and above, as they feature back covers made of glass. Although aesthetically pleasing, these glass back covers are more susceptible to damage. When using a laser machine for screen removal, it is generally necessary to scan the laser beam three or more times until the adhesive smell is detected, indicating that the glass can be separated.

iphone screen repair

Q 2. Is there another use for laser marking machines? If I could solve more than just the iPhone back glass repair.

A: They can be used to remove the display. It separates the mid-frames, bezel, and back glasses of smartphones like iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, and many more.

split screen middle frame
split screen middle frame

Q 3. How to choose iPhone rear glass removal laser machine?

A: Some laser machine require a laptop or touch screen and cost between $1,500 and $2,000. Of course you can answer some questions so that the manufacturer can better recommend the machine for you.

1. What kind of functions do you need? Is it a marking machine for screen removal?

2. What materials are they mainly used for?

3. What are the accuracy or processing requirements?

4. What are the main phone models?

Part 3: Laser Engraving & Separation Machine for iPhone Screen Replacement

laser marking machine for screen disassembly

Features of Automatic iPhone Back Glass Repair Laser Machine:

1. Optical sensing for automatic alignment and focusing with just one click.

2. There are hundreds of built-in data drawings of mobile phone models, which can be imported and used immediately.

3. Comes with a Windows operating system and marking software pre-installed.

4. Equipped with a wireless keyboard, mouse, and a high-definition touchscreen for easy operation.

5. Compatible with various main phone models, including Apple, HUAWEI, VIVO, OPPO, and more.

6. In addition to dismantling the screen, mid-frame and Apple back cover, it can also laser engrave text, photos, and personalized patterns.

7. Precise and automatic centering fixture allows for easy placement of the phone screen to begin the operation.

8. Compact size, lightweight, and ultra-quiet operation.

Part 4: Precautions for Using Laser Marking Screen Removal Machine

1. Before powering on, check the power voltage (110V/220V) to avoid plugging in the wrong voltage and damaging the laser power supply.

2. Remove the cover of the field lens when using the machine, and cover it when not in use to prevent dirt or contamination from affecting beam transmission.

3. Avoid shaking the field lens prevent deviations.

4. Before performing automatic focusing, it is recommended to press the rise button for 2 seconds and then proceed with automatic focusing.

5. Always check the alignment of the red light.

Beam: The laser machine has two types of beams: red beam and white beam. The white beam is responsible for precise removal of the adhesive on the phone screen, while the red beam is used for positioning and assists in accurately aligning the laser beam for the dismantling screen.

Focusing: Before using the laser machine, it is necessary to perform focusing, which involves adjusting the lens focal length to form a uniform and appropriately sized spot on the positioning target plane.

Precision: Precision is crucial for screen split. Before making drawings, know the structure of the screen in detail. Where there is glue that needs a laser, where is the LCD screen and screen cable and where the beam needs to be avoided, all of them need to be measured in detail. And on the positioning mark, the mobile phone screen that needs to be disassembled should also be accurately placed in the area by the red light. If the drawing is not accurate enough and error, other parts of the phone may be damaged (such as the rear camera, cable), or some glue may not melt completely so that it difficult to remove the back glass.

It is important to properly set the parameters of the laser marking machine, such as frequency, power, speed, and others. If these parameters are not set correctly, no matter how many times the laser is applied, it will be difficult to remove the back glass of the phone. Properly configuring laser marking machine parameters ensures that the optimal power and speed required for efficient and effective glass removal.

laser marking machine software

Part 5: How to Use Automatic Laser Separating Machine for Phone Back Glass Repair

Laser screen removers disassemble phone screen by cutting and positioning the laser beam. Different types and sizes of electronics may require different laser machine parameter settings and operating methods. Therefore, please make sure that an experienced person is operating the machine or receive training from the laser equipment supplier in advance before operation.

Hardware and software installation

Hardware: Hardware is simple, there are two interfaces at the back of the chassis, which are USB interface and power interface, and they are connected to the computer and power outlet.

Software: First install the USB driver, and then the iPhone back glass laser remover operating software (CorelDraw) installed on the computer, you can use the software to set parameters.

Steps: Laser Marking Machine for iPhone Screen Repair

Preparation: Open the software and choose the corresponding model. Place the electronic device to be disassembled on the workbench of the laser machine and position it along the fixed fixture. The operator should wear safety glasses and other necessary protective equipment to protect the eyes and skin.

Parameter setup: Activate the red light indicator and align it. Adjust the parameters of the laser machine, including laser power, beam size and shape, as well as disassembly speed and direction.

Laser scanning: Once the laser machine is started, the laser generator will produce a high-energy laser beam. The optical lens will focus the laser beam, making it more powerful and concentrated. The operator then aligns the laser beam with the adhesive or glue between the iPhone screen and the body.

Cutting path: By controlling the movement path of the laser beam, the operator can precisely cut the adhesive or glue. Typically, the laser machine is equipped with a robotic arm or an automatic positioning system that follows a predetermined path for cutting. This process requires careful control to ensure that only the adhesive is cut without damaging the electronic device.

Separation of the screen: Once the adhesive or glue is cut, the operator can easily separate the screen from the body of the electronic device using tools. This process often requires careful handling to avoid damaging the screen or other components.

You will witness the amazing effect of back glass separating from the mobile phone. During the machine’s operation, smoke may be generated, and it is recommended to have an exhaust system in place to remove it. The programmable control operating system is designed to meet the requirements of all smartphone models, eliminating the need for additional removal of the middle frame screen. This is an effective laser solution that helps you easily repair iPhone back glass.


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