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What are the Differences Between Plastic Laser Engraving Machines and Metal Laser Engraving Machines?

What are the differences between plastic laser engraving machines and metal laser engraving machines? I believe everyone is familiar with laser engraving machines. In every corner of our life, there are products of laser engraving machines, such as mobile phones, earphones, chargers, such as multi-hole power strips, remote controls, and mobile phones for the elderly. The buttons, such as U disk, Coke cans, customized content on mobile phone cases, those patterns, models, logos, CE marks, serial numbers, etc., are all printed by laser engraving machines. ​Plastic laser laser engraving machine Among these products, there are metal products and plastic products. Those Logos seem to be the same, but there are some differences, because the machines used are different, so the displayed effects are also different.

As mentioned above, if you use a metal laser radium engraving machine to make plastic, the logo will feel obvious after it is printed, but the logo printed by ultraviolet light will feel no hand feeling to the fingertips. Ult爸爸raviolet belongs to cold processing, and fiber optic machine belongs to hot processing. Speaking of this, some people must be thinking in their hearts that metal laser engraving machines can make plastic products, so can plastic laser engraving machines also be able to make metal? The answer is: yes, but usually the plastic laser machine only needs 3W of power. If it is used on metal products, it will increase the load on the laser source and shorten the service life.

This is the difference between a metal laser engraving machine and a plastic laser engraving machine. You can choose according to your own product requirements when choosing, and generally laser manufacturers can make samples for free. The specific effect is determined after the sample. Because the laser engraving machine is not just these two kinds.