jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo 2024

Dapeng Laser Shines at JiangMen Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Dapeng laser shines at jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo, innovative laser technology leads the future of manufacturing.

On April 18th, the 12th Jiangmen Advanced Manufacturing Expo 2024 (referred to as “Jiangmen Manufacturing Expo”) was officially kicked off at the ZhuXi International Convention and Exhibition Center in Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province! Advanced industrial equipment manufacturers, industry experts and government representatives from all over the country gathered together to discuss and display the latest advanced manufacturing technologies and achievements.

The jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo is divided into five main areas: the Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition Area, the Automation and Robotics Exhibition Area, the Laser Welding and Cutting Exhibition Area, the Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Area, and the Environmental Protection Equipment Exhibition Area, showcasing new products and technologies comprehensively. The aim of this exhibition is to provide digitalized and intelligent solutions for industries such as hardware and sanitary ware, stainless steel products, motorcycle and spare parts, small household appliances manufacturing, metal products, precision machining, and mold manufacturing, helping companies reduce costs, improve efficiency, and strengthen the supply chain.

jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo

Thousands of industrial equipment show in this industrial manufacturing expo, a full range of new products, new technologies, focusing on the focus for the hardware and sanitary ware, stainless steel products, motorcycles and spare parts, small household appliances manufacturing, metal products, precision machining, mold manufacturing and other industry sectors to provide digital intelligent solutions, to help the manufacturing industry intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises, reduce costs and increase efficiency, strengthen the supply chain.

The Five Exhibition Areas

1. Machine Tool and Mold Exhibition Area

Featuring high-end CNC machine tools, precision machining centers, EDM machines, wire-cutting machines, high-precision punching machines, and high-precision grinding machines. Also showcasing precision mold manufacturing, mold accessories, mold materials, cutting tools, measuring tools, fixtures, machine tool accessories, mechanical parts, and components.

2. Automation and Robotics Exhibition Area

Showcasing industrial automation control, non-standard automation equipment, industrial robots, artificial intelligence, and machine vision, overall solutions for Industry 4.0, industrial design, and applications.

3. Laser Welding and Cutting Exhibition Area

Displaying laser processing equipment, engraving machines/markers, lasers; arc welding, resistance welding, intelligent welding equipment, CNC cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, laser cutting machines, welding tools, and equipment.

4. Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Area

Featuring intelligent manufacturing equipment, 3D printing, intelligent packaging equipment, green printing equipment, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, smart logistics, smart factories, etc.

5. Environmental Protection Equipment Exhibition Area

Showcasing dust removal equipment, industrial wastewater treatment equipment, solid waste treatment equipment, air purification equipment, welding fume purifiers, noise control equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, disinfection and anticorrosion equipment, etc.

industrial equipment show

Dapeng Laser and laser welding technology shine together at the Jiangmen Manufacturing Expo

At the Advanced Manufacturing Expo, DaPeng Laser showcased its latest development, the handheld laser welding machine, which quickly became the focal point of the exhibition due to its outstanding laser welding technology. Not only did it display the company’s latest achievements in the field of laser welding, but it also garnered unanimous praise from visitors through lively interactions. Our booth was bustling with activity, attracting a continuous stream of visitors from various industries, all intrigued by the advanced laser equipment on display.

As the exhibition progressed, the staff enthusiastically introduced the technical features and application advantages of the laser welding machine to the visitors. Of particular note was a lady whose worried expression clearly indicated her apprehension about welding technology. However, as our engineers explained in detail the safety and ease of use of the laser welding machine, she gradually let go of her fears.

dplaser at manufacturing expo china

Under the careful guidance of the engineers, this lady plucked up the courage to try out the laser welding machine herself. As the machine started up and the laser beam welded precisely on the workpiece, she gradually relaxed her tense nerves and began to enjoy this new experience. This lady, who had no experience in welding, easily welded the task!

This exhibition is not only a stage for product display, but also a platform for technical exchange and interaction.

show laser welding

Manufacturing Expo China is not only a stage for product show, but also a technical interaction platform

The Manufacturing Expo not only demonstrated our deep heritage and technological leadership in the field of laser welding, but also conveyed the concept of convenience and safety brought about by technological advancement through on-site interactive experience. During the exhibition, Roc Laser received potential customers, partners and industry colleagues from all over the country to discuss the prospects for the wide application of laser technology in intelligent manufacturing. Roc laser will continue to uphold the “innovation, quality, win-win” concept, to provide customers with better quality products and more intimate service, to help China’s manufacturing industry to a higher level!

A business manager said, “This year’s exhibition lineup is the strongest ever, covering top-notch advanced manufacturing brands. The focus of the exhibitors was mainly on showcasing automated, intelligent and green equipment, providing a full range of solutions for realizing smart factories.”

handheld laser welder

Jiangmen Manufacturing Expo has always insisted on focusing on the effectiveness of trade and commerce, integration of market needs, and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. Increase enterprise science and technology innovation, expanding Jiangmen and domestic and foreign famous enterprise communication, exchange and cooperation, to achieve “service equipment manufacturing enterprise development, enhance the level of equipment manufacturing industry,” the purpose of further improving the level of development of advanced manufacturing industry and core competitiveness to make positive contributions.

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