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laser cutting highly reflective metals

How to Laser Cutting Highly Reflective Metals?

This article delves into the optimization of laser cutting for highly reflective metals. We will explore what is high reflectivity metals, with a particular focus on brass and aluminum, two typical examples. The discussion will revolve around overcoming challenges using fiber laser cutting machines. We offers practical tips and advice to help you tackle the difficulties of laser engraving reflective surfaces.

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metal laser cutting efficiency

How to Improve Metal Laser Cutting Efficiency

This blog will explore how to improve the efficiency of metal laser cutting. We will focus on how CNC laser cutting improve cutting efficiency, as well as improve the cutting speed of laser cutting machine to increase production efficiency. In addition, we will discuss the application of laser cutting pipes efficiently and high quality.

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laser engraving stainless steel

How to Laser Engraving Stainless Steel?

This blog will provide how to use laser engraving for stainless steel processing. We will explain what laser engraving on stainless steel is and its advantages, how high-precision lasers marking on stainless steel surfaces, and the applications of laser engraving color and black laser marking on stainless steel. By reading this article, you will learn how to make full use of laser engraving technology to add personalized and refined markings to your stainless steel products.

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jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo 2024

Dapeng Laser Shines at JiangMen Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Shenzhen Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrated it’s newly developed handheld laser welding machine at the 2024 Jiangmen advanced manufacturing expo, attracting the attention of many visitors. Through the demonstration of technical advantages and on-site interaction, we showed the advanced laser technology and application prospects of laser technology, injecting new vitality into the development of China’s manufacturing industry.

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loading and unloading system for laser cutting

What is a Loading and Unloading System for Laser Cutting?

This post will delve into the application of automatic loading and unloading systems in laser cutting. We will explain what is CNC loading and unloading, introduce their advantages and different types, and demonstrate how they complement laser cutting machines to enhance the efficiency and precision of metal processing. Finally, we will highlight the leading and outstanding performance of Dapeng Laser’s loading and unloading laser cutting machines in the industry.

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