T-joint Vibrating Current Feedback Laser Welding Machine

Automatic T-Shape Toothbrush Vibrating Rod Laser Welding Machine

Vibration welding systems for joining complex 3D-shaped plastic components of different sizes. Dapeng Laser specializes in providing tailor-made solutions for industrial manufacturing by customizing non-standard fully automated laser welding machines. Our expertise lies in understanding the unique needs of our customers and manufacturing welding equipment that improve the efficiency and precision of the manufacturing process.

Platform YAG Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine

Vibration welding systems for joining complex 3D-shaped plastic components of different sizes.

Through vibrating mirror, vibrating laser welding machine can weld all kinds of metal material goods in fast spped. Speed of vibrating mirror laser welding machine is several times of the traditional welding machine.

It has the advantages of fast welding speed, high precision, stable quality, convenient operation and simple maintenance. Vibrating mirror laser welding machine is especially suitable for precise spot welding.

The welding points or graphics can be input and edited directly in the software, and the points or graphics edited by other software such as AutoCAD and CoreIDRAW can be processed by the software as well.

The fiber transmission current feedback laser welding machine is widely used in the precision welding of optical communication devices, IT, medical treatment, electronics, batteries, fiber couplers, picture tube electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts of clocks and watches, car lights and so on.


1. Vibration welder have more faster speed.

2. Can fulfill all kinds type or shapes welding.

3. Laser power, pule frequency, pulse width and welding spot size are adjustable.

4. No need excessive handling after welding.

5. Little Heat affected zone with beautiful welding spot.

6. Easily Maintenance.

Product Application:

It is mainly used for laser welding, stainless steel, low carbon steel, 416 stainless steel -310 stainless steel, 347 stainless steel, nickel allo, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, chromium, niobium, gold, silver and so on. Mobile phone batteries, jewelry, electronic components, sensors, watches and clocks, precision machinery, communications, handicrafts and other tiny parts.

current feedback laser welding samples

Technical Parameters

Characteristics Description
Model DPH-150ZJ/DPH-300ZJ/DPH-500ZJ
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Power 150W/300W/500W optional
Focusing Cavity Imported gold-plated spotlight chamber
Pulse Width 0.2-20ms(adjustable)
Laser Frequency 1-100HZ
Spot Adjustment Range 0.3-3mm
Cooling Mode Water-cooled ( 2P)
Scanning Range (mm) 100*100
Table Load 150kg (400kg optional)
Rated Power 6.5KW
Control System BLS
Computerized Industrial Control Machine Specialized industrial controller for laser welding
Energy Feedback Mode Current feedback


Component Name Specification Quantity
Cabinet Fiber optic transmission vibroseis welder cabinet 150W 1
Laser Power Supply Single lamp common type power supply 6KW 1
Chiller 2.0P 1
Laser Rod YAGø7*145 1
Focusing Cavity Single-lamp gold-plated laser cavity 1
Xenon Lamp ø8*130*270*5 1
Vibrating Mirror Field Mirror F=160 (standard) 1
Red light indicator 12V power supply, 1.2mm spot/3 meters 1
Bench Workstation Customized 1

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