Energy Feedback Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Energy Feedback Laser Welding Machine
Real-time energy negative feedback controlling system to control the energy accurately. Welding spot energy distribution uniformity, the best spot welding characteristics of welding needs.

Energy Feedback Fiber Transmission Laser Welding Machine

The fiber transmission laser welding machine can realize the splitting of time and energy. It can process multiple beams at the same time, which provides conditions for more precise welding.

Real-time energy negative feedback ensures stable laser output energy.

The working principle of the energy feedback laser welding machine is an energy detection device is added to the output end of the laser to detect the size of the output laser energy and feedback the signal to the control end in real time. Then compare with the set energy to form a closed-loop control system to achieve the purpose of accurately controlling the laser energy output.

Optical : three-axis and galvanometer optical

Advantages of energy feedback fiber transmission laser welding machine:

  • Equipped with an automatic energy detection and compensation system, the energy output is more stable, and the solder joint size is guaranteed to be consistent.
  • The fiber laser in the energy feedback fiber transmission laser welding machine, after the optical fiber output collimation and focusing, can weld the welding parts in multiple or multi-points, which has the advantages of good beam quality, even and small spot, convenient installation and movement, etc.
  • Stable operation: under the condition that the welding materials and models remain unchanged, setting suitable welding parameters can be used for a long time.
  • Energy feedback technology can make the laser output energy has a good repeatability, in simple words, is to ensure that the output of laser energy is stable, which can effectively reduce the failure rate of products.

1. Real-time energy negative feedback ensures stable laser output energy, and the output energy can be set according to the welding material and shape.
2. Combined design of scanning head of galvanometer to realize spot welding and seam welding in the processing range.
3. Fade-in and fade-out function, the overlap at the beginning and end of seam welding is completed.
4. It is easier to automate the setting of input and output terminal signals.
5. Robot, boom and CCD camera monitoring system can be optional to realize special welding, precise alignment and real-time monitoring of welding.
6. Customization capabilities, with a variety of workbenches for users to choose, and exclusive models can be tailored to customer requirements.

Applied materials:
Welding of Stainless Steel, Ordinary Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Steel, Aluminum, Iron, Alloy, Diamond, etc, or dissimilar materials.

Application area:
Energy feedback precision welding for electronic components, optical communication devices, medical instrument, battery tab, optical fiber coupling devices, image tube, metal parts, vibration motors, watch precision parts, automotive steel sheets, etc.


Technical Parameters

Model DPH-150ZD3-FK-W/DPH-300ZD3-FK-W/DPH-500ZD3-FK-W
Laser Power(w) 150W/300W/500W
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Minimum Spot Diameter 0.2mm
Maximum Single Pulse Energy 80J, 100J, 110J, 120J
Energy Stability ±3%
Pulse Width 0.3~20ms (adjustable)
Pulse Frequency(Hz) 1-1000Hz
Cooling Method water cooling
Chiller 150W: 1HP/300W: 3HP/500W: 5HP
Weight about 500kg
Dimensions 250cm*117cm*171cm (L*W*H)
Power Demand Ac220V±5%.50HZ. 5Amp
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