Coil Laser Cutting Production Line

The fully automatic Steel Coils Laser Metal Cutting Machine can simultaneously realize the four functions of raw material leveling, feeding, cutting, and unloading. It is simple and convenient to use, which can benefit beginners to operate.

Laser Cutting Machine Blanking Production Line for Metal Coil

Reel fiber laser cutting machine offer maximum flexibility when it comes to processing coil. This equipment is a production line for unwinding, leveling, and cutting steel coils into the required size and neatly. The whole line adopts PLC centralized control. The main operation console has functions such as length setting, digital dis-play, automatic counting, high and low speed adjustment, continuous cutting and fault alarm.

Production Line Composition:
1. Motor unwinding machine
2. Transition pendulum bridge and five-ollr leveling machine and pinch-fixing device
3. H3015 cutting machine
4. Console and electric control cabinet


  • Cut from Coil
    Improved material usage efficiency.
  • Fiber-optic Laser
    The compact laser is equipped with an IPG fiber laser. Advantages of fiber laser: fast cutting speed, low energy consumption, no slag in cutting, and less maintenance.
  • Application
    Insulation cladding, duct fittings, sheet, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, zinc, etc. Suitable for mass production of complex nested parts.

Samples Display:

It can process most metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized sheet.


Laser cutting production line combines coil-feeder and fiber laser cutting to achieve continuous and efficient cutting, realizes flexible production, and improves the utilization rate of plates to shorten the production cycle and save production costs.

Production Line for Metal Coil

Product Parameter

Cutting range3000mm×1500mm
Laser output power1000W~6000W
Maximum acceleration1.5G
Minimum slit width±0.12mm
X/Y positioning accuracy±0.03mm
Maximum operating speed120m/min