DPLASER in 2023 Asia-Europe Commodities Trade Fair

2023 (China) Asia-Europe Commodity Trade Expo, laser technology for enhanced production, fiber laser cutting machines, desktop laser marking machines, handheld laser welding machines

On August 17th, the 2023 (China) Asia-Europe Commodity Trade Expo with the theme “Promoting the Spirit of the Silk Road and Deepening Asia-Europe Cooperation” opened in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. This Asia-Europe Trade Expo brings together more than 1300 high-quality enterprises, and DPLASER shines at the exhibition with professional industry knowledge and high-quality equipment.

2023 asia & europe commodities trade fair

Exhibition Events

As neighboring countries with close geographical ties, enterprises from Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, and others actively participated in the trade expo, showcasing local specialties, cultural activities, and more.

In the first half of the year, Xinjiang’s trade with the five Central Asian countries amounted to 119.66 billion RMB, a growth of 75.1%, accounting for 86.5% of the total trade value with countries along the “Belt and Road” during the same period.

“The achievements are not only reflected in trade figures but also in infrastructure development,” said Rusmanaglin, Vice Premier and Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the ports of Khorgos and Alashankou have opened dedicated “Belt and Road” channels, providing convenience for trade and connectivity between China, Kazakhstan, and even Central Asia, West Asia, and Europe.

DPLASER Shines at the 2023 Asia & Europe Commodities Trade Fair

Shenzhen Dapeng Technology Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition, attracting the attention of numerous visitors with its innovative and sophisticated booth design and comfortable visual experience. In the on-site arrangement of the exhibition hall, we meticulously presented the company’s flagship products, including fiber laser cutting machines, marking machines, and handheld welding machines.

Engineers enter the text provided by the customer on the electronic touch screen of the equipment, and the laser marking machine can quickly print out the text and pattern on any carrier. The laser marking equipment is 40% smaller than the traditional marking machine, and it can be applied to multi-industry and multi-material marking of large workpieces, metal nameplates and so on.

At the exhibition site, products like fiber laser cutting machines, marking machines, and handheld welding machines became the center of attention. We provided live demonstrations and free proofing for visitors from various countries, allowing them to personally experience our advanced laser technology and equipment performance. This not only showcased the company’s popular products but also highlighted the company’s robust strength in equipment research and development.

During the exhibition, we engaged in in-depth discussions with customers from the five Central Asian countries, Pakistan, as well as the Xinjiang region. They expressed high recognition for our products, not only appreciating the product performance but also admiring the company’s industry influence and technical prowess. This exhibition has expanded our reach into a broader international market, laying a solid foundation for the company’s future development.

laser equipment in the commodity trade expo

Shenzhen Dapeng Technology Co., Ltd., with its eye-catching booth design, high-quality product showcases, and interactive exchanges with customers, successfully participated in this exhibition. The event not only enhanced the company’s brand influence but also further solidified its position within the industry. We will continue to innovate and bring more high-quality laser equipment and services to our customers.


At the 2023 Asia-Europe Commodity Trade Expo, DPLASER demonstrated its confident approach in leveraging laser technology for enhanced production and showcased its sincere desire for open communication and win-win collaboration with foreign enterprises.

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