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DPLASER Opens Up the Secrets of Business Growth with Laser

Dongguan Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shuilang Village, Dalingshan Town, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, and sales of laser equipment. The company’s main products include laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, and solutions for these three categories. This article will take you on a journey to discover the DPLASER secrets of business growth with laser.

In the process center of Dongguan Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd., a laser cutting machine, manipulated by an intelligent robotic arm, seamlessly and precisely cuts through a steel plate that is only a few millimeters thick using a laser beam. The entire process is smooth and almost smoke-free.

laser cutting robotic
dplaser laser marking machine

In addition to the laser cutting machine, inside the process center there are our company’s newly developed laser marking machine, laser welding machine and many other models, these products in addition to powerful, in addition to simple operation, no arc radiation, low-cost consumption and more characteristics.

laser cutting machine
metal tube laser cutting machine

Company Development

The rapid revenue growth is attributed to continuous product technological iterations, cost optimization, and enhanced internal collaboration capabilities. Yin Zhongbang, the General Manager of DP Laser explained that the company has consistently increased investment in research and technological innovation in recent years. This approach has not only maintained the inherent high quality of their products but also elevated the technological content and cost-effectiveness, resulting in both technical advancements and reduced costs. The company has successfully developed a range of high-performance and cost-effective laser products, including a 50000W ultra-high-power and high-speed fiber laser cutting machine. The annual research and development investment have increased from around 4% of total sales revenue to over 6%, ensuring a sustained technological lead, expanding breakthroughs, and continuously meeting market demands.

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customized laser marking solution

The company’s high-quality products, diverse range, and continuous improvement in service quality have led to increasing recognition in the market for Dapeng Laser equipment. In recent years, Dapeng Laser has successfully passed the application for recognition as a specialized and innovative small and medium-sized enterprise, further consolidating its competitive position within the industry.

dapeng laser cutting machine production base

Throughout company development, Dongguan DP Laser has harnessed the momentum of China’s manufacturing industry to enhance the development of laser products. Simultaneously, the company has effectively addressed the developmental bottlenecks faced by the processing products in China’s manufacturing industry. In the future, Dapeng Laser will continue to be rooted in Dalingshan, continuously strengthen the company’s research and development capabilities, ongoing innovation, and market competitiveness.

Dongguan Dapeng Laser Technology Co., Ltd., leveraging the unique geographical location and regional advantages of Dalingshan, has deeply cultivated Dongguan and radiated throughout South China. It has become a key production base for the entire South China region. Coupled with current local policy advantages and the increasing intensity of service support, Dapeng Laser is poised for high-quality development, and the company’s prospects for growth are promising.

Content from: Civilized Da Ling Shan – “Frontline Research Enterprise Walking”

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